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Name:Halloween Town RP Community
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Whatever you may be doing... reading, fighting, dying, and anything in between, a bat, yes a bat, suddenly appears before you. In its claws is a parchment and vial attached. It drops the parchment and vial with little warning on your head. Before it can be caught, before any questions can be asked, the bat is gone in a puff of black curling smoke. The parchment, which had been tied in a simple black ribbon, has somehow unfurled and scrawled inside in neat but strange writing is a message you oddly can read despite clearly not being in your native language:

"My dear friends!

If you are getting this letter, then Dr. Finklestein's experiment was a success! I am Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King and Master of Fright, leader of Halloween Town. After having discussed it with the other leaders of the other Holidays, we would like to invite you and the others receiving this letter to experience our holidays like never before!
There is so much the others and I wish to show you! So many amazing wonders of our holidays that you won't believe your eyes! It shall be so much fun! I will assure you safe passage from and eventually back to your home. For those of you who are dying, rest in peace knowing we have the ability to bring you here good as new or just as dead as you like! We have all sorts in Halloween Town, after all.

Just drink the vial attached! Yes, that black swirling vial with the skull bottle-stopper. That will bring you straight to us and we can explain more as soon as you get here!

Until then, my friends.

Forever the Pumpkin King,
Jack Skellington"

Is it a trick? Is it real? How can it be? You won't know until you open the bottle, and take a drink. Do you dare?


Halloween Town is a panfandom game with world exploration and slice of life elements. Due to the nature of the content there are some horror elements but nothing too gruesome. The game also allows for world building..
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